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Mary-Caroline Matricardi named ‘Miss EVHS 2013’

Saturday night one of eight Eastern View High School coeds will be named “Miss EVHS” at the fourth annual scholarship pageant beginning at 7 p.m. in the school auditorium.
Kevin Baker, EVHS business teacher, has overseen the event since its debut in 2010. Baker said Thursday that despite the snow in Culpeper this week and school closures, the pageant will go on.

“After the girls apply a preliminary judging panel selects the finalists,” Baker said. “They will be judged on a group dance, individual talent and formal dress while onstage and their grade point average will also be factored into the judging.”

The winner will receiver a $2,000 scholarship with the runner up earning $750 toward college. The girl who finishes third earns a $250 scholarship.
“We have another excellent panel of judges again this year,” Baker said. “They are Tripp Butler (vice president of Virginia Community Bank), Karen Settle (a teacher at Pearl Sample Elementary School), Frankie Gilmore (race director of the Culpeper Soap Box Derby) and Collis Jenkins (owner of Baby Jim's)
“Hailey Ratliff, who won Miss EVHS the first year, will also be one of the judges.”

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $5 in advance ($7 at the door) and may be purchased at the school. Children ages 8 and under get in free.
The eight contestants are: Arlene Bonilla (16-year-old senior, she will perform a dance routine); Jada Harris (18, senior, singing); Mary-Caroline Matricardi (17, senior, singing); Holly Owens (15, sophomore, sing and play guitar); Christina Shaw (17, junior, play flute);, Stephanie Warner (17, senior, singing), Kayla Williams (16, junior, singing) and Elena Zanella (18, senior, monologue). This is the second year that Harris and Williams have competed in Miss EVHS and the third year for Zanella.

Culpeper Times interviewed each of the eight girls last week. Following is a selection of answers to the questions we posed:

What are some of your interests?
Arlene: Dancing, fashion, sports, writing, the outdoors and theatre.
Jada: Show choir, collecting movies and TV shows
Mary-Caroline: Biology, the medical field, singing, dancing, performing, being outdoors
Holly: Bowling, TaeKwonDo, racing dirt bikes
Christina: Playing oboe, singing, jogging
Stephanie: Show choir, acting, baking and dancing
Kayla: Soccer, singing
Elena: Theatre, scrap booking, Young Life, being president of the Student Council Association

Why did you enter Miss EVHS?
Elena: After the last two years I couldn't imagine not being in it and bonding and hanging out with all the girls.
Mary-Caroline: I thought it would be an awesome experience and I love performing
Kayla: I enjoyed it last year and finished third. I enjoy being with the other girls and dancing

What are your career goals
Arlene: Lawyer
Jada: Open my own private medical practice working with kids with heart problems.
Mary Caroline: To first be a physicians assistant and then go to med school and become a pediatrician
Holly: Lawyer or nuclear engineer
Christina: Pediatric nurse, music therapist
Stephanie: Own my own bakery/cafe in downtown Culpeper
Kayla: Work in advertising for a magazine
Elena: Own a radio station in California by the time I'm 35

What is the best thing about participating in Miss EVHS?
Jada: Finally performing after all the hard work and practice
Mary-Caroline: Definitely the dancing. I've been a dancer my whole life and it's fun to dance with friends and be onstage performing.
Christina: I had to learn to dance and I discovered I really like it.

What is your biggest challenge in competing in Miss EVHS?
Arlene: Managing schoolwork, family and college preparation
Jada: Performing all alone on that stage. Even if you've worked hard for two months...all the audience and judges see is what you do that night.
Christina: Motivating myself to do the work I need to do to be here
Kayla: Dancing. I'm not coordinated at all.
Elena: Walking in heels in my dress. I don't want to stumble.

Miss EVHS is not a beauty pageant per se, but what are your thoughts on beauty pageants in general?
Mary-Caroline: I generally don't think they're good for girls. It's not good for them to compare themselves to unrealistic expectations.
Christina: They seem to highlight natural beauty. Miss EVHS is not based so much on looks, but on being smart and talented
Kayla: I love them! I think it's good for people to admire our specific talents.
Stephanie: They teach young girls how to hold themselves and how to act properly. It also shows girls that if you put your mind to it you can do anything.
Elena: They teach you stage presence and how to act like a young lady.

What is the scariest thing you have ever done?
Arlene: Cave tubing in Belize. There were catfish nibbling on us and bats flying around us.
Mary-Caroline: Go to opera camp
Holly: I took down a bees nest and I'm scared of bees.
Christina: I'm terrified of heights and I sat in the nosebleed section at Verizon center in seventh grade.
Kayla: Bungee jumping
Stephanie: I faced my fears about being upside down on a roller coaster and rode the “Griffin” at Busch Gardens in the front row.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you?
Jada: At a park in sixth grade I tripped and fell into a lake.
Holly: I walked into a wall and busted my lip and nose
Stephanie: I ordered a frankfurter in Germany thinking it was a hot dog, but it was a cheese ball soaked in vinegar.

Fill in the blank: I wish more people would _______
Arlene: Take advantage of opportunities
Jada: Worry about the now instead of the future
Mary-Caroline: Think positively
Holly: Appreciate what they have
Christina: Have happier outlooks and better attitudes
Kayla: Have self respect
Stephanie: Believe in themselves
Elena: Respect their elders

Fill in the blank: When I look at the world today I __________
Arlene: See struggles and complications which everyone faces, but learns to deal with. I see people lending a hand to help those in need.
Jada: Worry about being able to be successful
Mary-Caroline: Feel extremely blessed to be living in the United States
Holly: Feel pity for the way some people are
Christina: Many flaws, but lots of hidden potential
Kayla: Feel happy that I live in the U.S.
Stephanie: I see people who want to make a difference but don't have the means to do so.
Elena: Worry about my future and getting a job in the “real world.”

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