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EDITORIAL:Metro - get it done

metro 1 Courtesy Photo/Larry Levine, WMATA
Prince William will need a Metro station. It's only a matter of time.
It's time for our local officials to stop kicking the can on Metro.

Let's face it -- population is growing in Northern Virginia and it's spreading south. Traffic is increasing, density is increasing, pollution is increasing --- everything is increasing.

We can't stop it but we can stop sticking our heads in the sand over it.

Whether we need a Metro extension now is arguable.

But we're going to need one eventually.

We cannot keep adding more people and then band-aiding roads and buses onto the traffic problem.

A Metro study needs to be launched eventually and sooner is better than later. If we start now, we can figure out a route and lay it on the maps before more houses and businesses are built in the path.

We can pinpoint new station sites and let the development center around them.

If we wait five, 10 or 20 years, the process will be infinitely more disruptive to residents and business owners. But it will still have to be done.

Politics is hard.

Land use is hard.

Transportation planning is hard.

Budgeting is hard.

That's why we elect other people to do it.

If you've run for office, it's because you've stood up and said you're willing to take on the tough jobs.

This is a tough job.

It's time for the people who volunteered to buckle down and figure it out.
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