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Culpeper Juice box owner has big dreams for her small space

ulie Lohr is passionate about her new business. You can see it in her eyes and hear it in her voice.

Lohr, owner of The Culpeper Juice Box in the Southgate Shopping Center Parking Lot, is on a mission to promote holistic healing and a better lifestyle through nutrition.

“Disease is really just 'dis-ease', meaning there is a deficiency of something in your diet or you have too much toxicity,” she said offering a visitor a sample of wheat grass juice. “This tastes like grass, but it is like liquid sunshine. It goes right to your bloodstream and provides instant energy.”

Lohr calls herself a “passion-preneur.” Although her background is in marketing and advertising, her heart is with holistic living.”

She offers the visitor a sample of one of her signature drinks, a mixture of apple, beet, carrot, lemon, orange, grapefruit and pomegranate juices.

As the visitor drinks, Lohr explains her plans to offer not only coffee as the previous owner of the business, did, but also a wide variety of juices and foods all pointing toward a more healthful diet.

“There's a ton of things going on in this little eight-by-eight box,” she said. “And Culpeper is a wonderful opportunity to figure this all out because there is such a diversity of people here. We'll be able to see what works and what doesn't.”

Lohr has done a stint as managing partner of Incentives magazine and worked at two area daily newspapers in digital marketing and advertising.
“I'm always asking myself 'how does it get better than this' and 'what else is possible,'” she said. “I was at my last position about six months when this opportunity opened up and it just happened so quickly I knew it was meant to be.”

Lohr said she was talking with Martha Snider at the Culpeper County Chamber of Commerce about getting her holistic health and healing business, “Genuinely Julie,” on the membership rolls of the chamber.

“I had just gotten my Genuinely Julie cards printed and the day I picked them up I stopped by the chamber,” Lohr recalls. “Martha and I were talking and she introduced me to a friend of hers that was there. The friend mentioned that her coffee shop was for sale and I said 'I'll take it.”

Lohr said she had “stalked” the kiosk location many times thinking it would be perfect for what she wanted to do.

“I knew there was a need for what I am doing, because there was a lack of it in Culpeper,” she said.

It was 12 years ago that Lohr first developed her interest in holistic healing.

“I was in Atlanta and I was really sick,” she said. “I went to the emergency room because I didn't have insurance and they did some tests and (gave me) some pills.

“I laid in bed for two weeks and I thought I was going to die. That's when I started studying this.

People think of me as 'marketing girl' or 'digital media girl' but this is what I really want to do. When this location opened up I knew it was meant to be and I just said 'thank you Jesus.'”

Lohr has an associate degree in theology. She is also a graduate from the Living Foods Institute in Atlanta and calls herself a “practitioner for lifestyle consciousness.”

“What I am doing here is a social entrepreneurship empowerment project,” she said.

Lohr works the morning shift and assistant Ashleigh Adams handles the booth in the afternoon. She believes strongly in what Lohr is doing.

“The body is amazing,” Adams said. “We have the ability to self heal in so many ways. Julie's dreams coincide with my own. I enjoy the healthier options we provide and I like promoting wellness to the community.”

Lohr calls her 5-year-old daughter Olivia Rose her “number one assistant.”

“She comes in with me in the morning and she greets everyone and helps with the cash register.”

Lohr said the 12th of every month she will hold a tasting – “it's a parking lot party” – and she is continuing to upgrade the facility.

“There is no running water here so I had to get special variances,” she said. “But I'm going to get a pickup truck and tanks and put in a Kangen Water System. It's medical grade water purification and is used extensively in Japan. That will require some new variances.”

“Health and wellness is our business,” Lohr said. “And I love to challenge the status quo. I'm definitely not a status quo type of girl.
“People are looking for healthier options and what I can offer is so simple, but it works.”

Lohr said she hopes to have a partnership with the Moo Thru in Warrenton and Remington. She also wants to add cupcakes from Heavenly Scent of Boston, Va. and she is serving organic tea from the Loose Leaf Tea Company and roasted cocoa beans from Cocoa Bella.

“I'm also sampling local roasters for my coffee and most of the crops I need will come from my dad, Roger, at Rocky Ridge Farm. And I am working with Windmill Heights greenhouse to provide wheat grass as well as sprouts.

“There is a wellness revolution going on. I want to bring awareness, to educate and to make available more healthful options,” Lohr said. “From wheat grass shots, to fresh pressed juices to cancer packages for those who are undergoing treatment to home delivery. There is always going to be something interesting going on at the Culpeper Juice Box. We're still in phase one.”

Info Box:
What: The Culpeper Juice box
Address: 227 Southgate Shopping Center (in the parking lot near Gold's Gym)
Phone: 497-1491
Hours: Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
E-mail: genuinelyjulie@gmail.com
Facebook: The Culpeper Juice Box

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