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Culpeper County High School grad clicks into social networking career

If you like Pinterest you just might leave it for LoveIt.com

And if you scratch and claw for every coupon, KouponKitty.com might be a site for sore eyes.

LoveIt, is a social discovery site and content importer and KouponKitty helps shoppers find the best coupons for their needs.

The marketing manager for both sites is Lindsay Fultz, a 1998 graduate of Culpeper County High School.

Fultz, who once trod the halls of CCHS, now operates out of an office in Los Angeles.

“My dad was in the Navy and he retired in Culpeper,” said Fultz in a phone interview. “I was in eighth grade and I attended school through high school there.

We had moved from New Orleans to Culpeper and it was a real change of pace. It felt like there was nothing to do there. Now I go back there and Culpeper has that small town feel, but with lots going on.”

After graduation from CCHS, Fultz attended Old Dominion University.

“I ran cross country there and majored in sports management, minoring in marketing and promotion,” she said. “I did my last semester at a sports marketing firm in Seattle. “I graduated and moved to L.A., where I was a personal trainer for a year and a half.

Looking for work

“I grew up a Laker's fan so I thought it would be awesome if I could work in their marketing department. I faxed my resume every day for a week or so until they told me 'we got your resume, will you please quit faxing it. We'll call you.'”

Fultz said a call never came.

“I didn't have a computer so I picked up the L.A. Times and began circling jobs I thought I might like. I then began going door-to-door.”

Long story short, Fultz met her future husband, who was also a personal trainer, in L.A. and they decided to move back to Seattle.

She got a job with the Seattle Supersonices (now the Oklahoma City Thunder) basketball team making up to 120 sales calls a day trying to get people to advertise.

“It was the hardest job I've ever had,” Fultz said. “After the first week the boss pulled me aside and said 'Lindsay, I don't know if this is the right job for you.' I had just moved and I needed the job. I began to think of every call as having a conversation instead of trying to make a sale. When I left I was number three in sales and every job since then has been a step up.”

In time Fultz and her husband Jeremy, now an actor, decided it would be best for both of their careers to return to L.A. She got a job with the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team. Eventually she went to work as a sales assistant and then sales manager at a company that did entertainment backdrops. It was there she became familiar with the new field of social media.

Discovering social media

“I did a lot of research into how people were using social media to communicate,” Fultz said. “After four and a half years I went out on my own, but I kept reading articles on new start-ups with all the cool perks and cool offices and I wanted that.”

After a year and a half she saw an ad for a marketing manager at a social media start-up called LoveIt.

“I got a call to come in,” she said. “I knew they were thinking 'let's see what this girl is all about.'” I had just accepted a job two days prior with another social media company but at the end of my interview they asked 'how much would it take to get you?'' I stepped outside, took a deep breath and came back in and said 'make me an offer.' I kind of took a gamble, but it gave me the opportunity to help shape a company.”

That was in February 2012.”

Finding her passion

Fultz has quite a task. She is marketing LoveIt against Pinterest, which is the fourth largest social media site, behind only Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. LoveIt is not yet in the top 15.

“The day of the launch was a huge day for me, personally, to be a part of that,” said Fultz. “The first day was a very good day – we hit the number of users it took Pinterest 10 months to get to ―and we have continued to grow."

In an e-mail, Fultz described LoveIt as “a new social discovery site directly competing with Pinterest. It is a place where you can search, discover, build, organize, collaborate and share all the things you love in public or private collections.”

LoveIt launched in June of 2012 and has added some powerful tools since then.

“There is a content importer tool which lets you import your entire boards or multiple images from your Pinterest account while keeping the original bookmarked source,” Fultz said. “You can quickly 'love' several of your images in one some click from anywhere you keep them like Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr and your blog. The images can be added to one collection or various collections.
“You have the ability to do batch uploads, to upload numerous images from your personal computer in a single click.”

Fultz said so far LoveIt is marketing to “a younger, hipper crowd” than Pinterest.

“We seem to attract a lot more men,” she said. “We are a little looser on the whole PG-13 thing than Pinterest is. We have also recently added sound and video to the site and have launched iPhone, iPad and Adroid apps free in the App store and on Google Play. Our app has a built in camera with zoom, cropping and 16 photo filters.”

Coupon clicking

The same team that developed LoveIt recently launched Koupon Kitty.

“Koupon Kitty is a free online coupon finder,” Fultz explained. “You simply drag the button to your browser and when you are shopping online you click the button and it scours the Internet and fetches the best available coupon codes for you and delivers them to your shopping page in a list.
“You then hover over each coupon and it gives you details. When you find the one that best fits your purchase you click on it when you see the coupon field in checkout.”

Fultz is not without some trepidation over the whole LoveIt experiment.

“There are moments I think, am I out of my mind doing this?” she said. Our biggest competitor is an industry giant.

“But I have a passion for what I'm doing. This from the girl who was extremely shy in high school. I never raised my hand. I was worried what people were thinking of me – I had no confidence. I broke out of my shell in college and I have definitely found that doing what you're passionate about is more important than just chasing money.”
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